Specialty Raffle

Specialty Raffle

Raffle tickets will be on sale on all day on Saturday and Sunday morning. The winning tickets will be drawn on Sunday June 2nd at lunch.

In the past the donations that many of you have contributed have made our Raffle table a site to behold and the Raffle itself a huge success. We hope you will consider bringing a donation for the 2019 Raffle. Items can be left at the Raffle table. Please make sure you put your name on your donation (labels will be on the table) - we do like to thank those who supported the Raffle in the Bulletin. The booth will be open at 9am for ticket sales.

There are two tiers of Raffle prizes.
"Tier One" tickets are $5.00 each or 3 for $10. This level consists of the two high value prizes:

Go Pet Club 40-Inch Heavy Duty Pet Play and Exercise Pen with 8 Panels

Framed Dean Russo "Savvy Labrador"

"Tier Two" tickets are $1.00 each and you can place your ticket in the bin for the item you want to win. This level consists of several donated prizes including but not limited to:
- A certificate for a complete PennHipp Exam with Dr. Lucy H. Shields Henney, Diplomat ACVS donated by Oakland Vet Referral Services
- 4 x $50 Gift Certificates from Gun Dog Supply
- A "Four Disease Colour and Trait test gift certificate from Paw Print Genetics
- A kit from DDC Veterinary
- AND MORE!!!!!