Trophy Donations 2018 Specialty Show

Saturday June 2nd, 2018 is a full service show. There are Regular Classes, Non Regular Classes, Unofficial Classes, Altered Classes, Baby Puppies and Junior Handling. A prize will be offered for first in every class. A Rosette will be offered for first through fourth in every class. Rosettes and prizes will be awarded to the following:
Best of Breed
Best of Opposite Sex
Best of Winners
Winners Dog
Winners Bitch
Reserve Winners Dog
Reserve Winners Bitch
Best Puppy in Breed
Best Altered Dog
Best Altered Bitch
Best Altered in Breed
Best Baby Puppy Dog
Best Baby Puppy Bitch
Best Baby Puppy in Breed

Sunday June 3rd is a "bare bones" show.

We would like to thank everyone for your continued support! Generous sponsorships from dedicated LOC members and supporters in past years have allowed the LOC to offer a unique and memorable variety of high quality prizes. Here is the list of sponsors for Saturday from last year - this year will be updated shortly:

$100 Sponsorship Level Conformation (Saturday)
Best of BreedCarol & Peter Brech, Shadybrook
Best of Opposite SexPierry & Stan McLean, Castlegar
$75 Sponsorship Level Conformation (Saturday)
Best of WinnersLaurie & Mike Quenneville, Mooselake
Best Puppy In SpecialtyBev Vinnels, Shanbro
$50 Sponsorship Level Conformation (Saturday)
Winners DogMaryLou Rutherford, Fargoridge, Ross & Lianne Brennan, Sharon Luckhart, Labradale/Highcaliber
Winners BitchMary Lou Rutherford, Fargoridge
Reserve Winners DogHayley, Alfred & Margaret Soar, Matthew Hooker, Elmhill
Reserve Winners BitchHayley, Alfred & Margaret Soar, Matthew Hooker, Elmhill
Best in SweepsCarla Vautour, Kindspirit
Best of Opposite in SweepsCarla Vautour, Kindspirit
Best Veteran in Sweeps Susie & Sandy Bell, Pinebank
Best of Opposite Veteran SweepsRosanne & Will Starkman, Callibreeze
$30 Sponsorship Level Conformation (Saturday)
6-9 DogJo-Anne Smail
9-12 DogJennifer Anderson, Palemoon
12-15 DogJennifer Anderson, Palemoon
Canadian Bred DogBrian & JoAnn Neff, Samadam
Bred By Exhibitor DogHarold & Linda Wyatt-deGroot, Staghorn
Open Dog: BlackJamie & Amanda Ryan
Open Dog: YellowSandy Straw, Santosha
Open Dog: ChocolateCharlotte Ryan, Gaff
Field DogSusie & Sandy Bell, Pinebank
Veteran DogHeather Dobson & Rod Prosser, Jaunenoir
6-9 BitchDiane Kendall, Cawarra
9-12 BitchDenise Branch, Bluesouth
12-15 BitchMaryke Warwick, Elliquin
Canadian Bred BitchJoAnn & Brian Neff , Samadam
Bred by Exhibitor BitchHarold & Linda Wyatt-deGroot, Staghorn
Open Bitch: BlackKim Beverly, Pirate
Open Bitch: YellowHeather Dobson & Rod Prosser, Jaunenoir
Open Bitch: ChocolateSandra Smith, Keybrooke
Field BitchSandy Straw - Santosha
Veteran BitchBecky & Greg Alton, Allsport
Best of Breed AlteredMarie Babin, Autumwynd
Best Altered MaleBill & Janet Trim
Best Altered FemaleHeather Dobson & Rod Prosser, Jaunenoir
$25 Sponsorship Level Conformation (Saturday)
Stud DogBev Vinnels, Shanbro
Brood BitchBecky & Greg Alton, Allsport
BraceSandy Straw, Santosha
3 Generations ClassLeeAnne Keifer, Oaksill
Obedience Trial classSusie & Sandy Bell, Pinebank
Select DogRosanne & Will Starkman, Callibreeze
Select BitchRosanne & Will Starkman, Callibreeze
Best Baby Puppy DogJennifer Anderson, Palemoon
Best Baby Puppy BitchValerie Walters, Ranbourne
Best Baby PuppyKaren Holmes-Merilees
General Trophy Fund 2016
Sandy Straw, Santosha
Sandra Smith, Keybrooke
Anna Morrison-Scott
Brook Sillaby
Best of Opposite in Sweeps
Best Veteran in Sweeps
Best of Opposite Veteran Sweeps
$30 Sponsorship Level Conformation (Sunday)
6-9 Dog
9-12 Dog
12-15 Dog
15-18 Dog
Canadian Bred Dog
Bred By Exhibitor Dog
Open Dog: Black
Open Dog: Yellow
Open Dog: Chocolate
Veteran Dog
6-9 Bitch
9-12 Bitch
12-15 Bitch
15-18 Bitch
Canadian Bred Bitch
Bred by Exhibitor Bitch
Open Bitch: Black
Open Bitch: Yellow
Open Bitch: Chocolate
Veteran Bitch
Field Trial Dog
Field Trial Bitch
Select Dog
Select Bitch