LOC Honour Roll

The LOC Honour Roll is a listing of all dogs and LOC members who have won awards since our club was founded in 1966. If you are aware of any errors or omissions, please contact the LOC Bulletin Editor.

Qualifications: For any dog who has achieved their Championship, WC/JH Title and CD Title.
2023Ch Callibreeze Take Me Fishing CD CDX CGN RN RI RA RE WC JH "Caiomhe" (Keeva)Christine O'Reilly
2023CH Greyden's Life of Riley CD WC RM Deborah Moore
2019CH Elliquin's Whistlin' Thru CDI TDX RE WC CGN CD TD RN Maryke Warwick
2018no applicants 
2017CH Pinebank Cloudbrst of Santosha WCX JH TDX CD RI CGN "Reignie"Susan Bell & Sandy Straw
2016CH SanTosha Yet Again of Pinebank CD JH WCI "Gainey"Sandy Straw & Susie Bell
2015CH SanTosha's Zenda of Pinebank CD WCI JH CGNSandy Straw
2014No Applicants 
2013CH Pinebank's Dealer at Santosha CDX WCI JH CGN "Dealer"Sandra Straw
2012Ch Pinebank Just You Wait Mr CD JH CDI RN (Higgins)Kay & John Archbell
2012CH Pinebank We Will Rock You WCX SH CDI RN (Rockxy)Susie Bell
2012CH Tannerforge Braveheart MH WCX RA CD CGN (William)James & Diane Hopkins
2011CH Cawarras Guess Who WC JH CDDiane Kendall
2011Ch Gorsebrook Solaia Full House CD JH WCISharon Harris and Leslie Grant
CH Wimberway's Helzapopin CD WC RE TD Caro RN-CLSandy Briggs
CH Mooselake's Avalon CDX RA WCNora Maher
Ch Castlegar JG TDX CD WC RA CGNCandy Rennie
Ch Rucon's Skyhawk CD WC JHAdrienne Almey
Ch Castlegar Marlo At Autumwyand CD WC JH CGN AmCDMarie Babin
Ch Landmark's Sweet Asta CDX WCI JH TDX CGC AM CDMarie Babin
Ch Oaklea Raven At Autumwynd CDX WC JH TD CGC AM CDMarie Babin
Ch OTCh Sandyroads Zack WCIDanny & Sandy Beaudry
Bda Can Ch OTCh Pinebank's Dat Girl's A Keeper JH WCI Am CDX Bda CD KeeperSusan Bell
Ch Pinebank Canu Doit of Santosha WCX JH CDSusan Bell
Ch Pinebank's Buddy Boy CD WC JHSusan Bell
Ch OTCh Pinebank's Schenley 2nd WC AM CDX TTSusan Bell
Ch OTCh Wimberway's Ibenkey Isolde WCI TTSusan Bell
Am Can Ch Santosha's Buster at Pinebank CDX WCI AM CD JHSusan Bell & Sandy Straw
BDA CAN Ch Huntingdon Chester O'Wimberway WCX CAN AM CDX BDA CDSandy Briggs
Ch Takkawan's Peter At Wimberway CD WCXSandy Briggs
Ch Santosha's Brutus of Bronte CD WC JHMarilyn Dutton
Ch Mardles Auntie Emma CD WCMarilyn Dutton
Ch OTCh Hammersam's Davidson WCI JHCGC AM CD WCKevin & Vicky Gallant
Ch Gleneagles Joie De Vivre WCI AM WC CDJim Girvan
Ch Cedarbrae's Tranch de Vie CD WCJim Girvan
Ch Cedarbraes Triple H CD WCX SHJames Girvan & Tracey Griffin
Ch Amaranth Malachite Miss CD WC JHShirley Greener
Ch Gorsebrook's Cole Porter CDX WC JHSharon Harris & Leslie Grant
Ch Gorsebrook Ruby Tuesday WCI JH CDX RN Am CDSharon Harris & Leslie Grant
Ch Corhampton's Evenstar Moonwing TT CDX FDX WCX An/Am JHJacklyn Hayhurst
Ch Corhampton's Sunrise at Evenstar CDX WCX SH CGC TT AM CD JHJacklyn Hayhurst
Ch Evenstar's Sunshine N Rainbows CD WC JH CGCJacklyn Hayhurst
Ch Windanna's Pippin O'Bucklebury CD WCJudy Hunt
Ch Windanna's Prairie Blizzard CDX WCJudy Hunt
Ch SR Windanna's Burgandy Bertie CDX WCIJudy & Charles Hunt
Ch Jencroft's Finale CDX WCPenny Jensen
Ch Wayfield's Mellow Yellow CD WCLola Jones
Ch Corhampton Gold Boomer O'Brady CDX WCI JHLief & Fay Jorgensen
Ch Cawarra's Boshking Blue WC CD JHDiane Kendall
Ch Corhampton's Royal Grenadier WC CDCarol King
Ch Samrock Acres Ebonylane Ace CDX WCPat & Mike Lanctot
Ch Labradale Highcalibre Bullet CD WCXSharon Luckhart
Ch Wimberway's Upeco-U-R-Birdy AM CAN CD WCI AM WCXLinda McFadden
Ch Pinebank's One of A Kind TDX WCI CD JH RNLaura McKay
Ch Evenstar Sunrise Cooperfield CD WC JH CGCCindi Nash
Ch Evenstar Everythings Pawsable CDX WC JH CGC AM CDCindi Nash
Am/Can Ch Corhampton's Barley O'Brady CD WC JHJune Onda
Ch. Corhampton's Woodecoy Beretta CD JH WCJohn Stevens
Ch Pinebank's Britney Amber CDX WC TTSandy Straw
Ch Oaklea Megan Amazing Response CD WCBill & Janet Trim
Ch Castlegar Elliot CD WC JH TD AM CDMaryke Warwick
Ch OTCh Selamat's Rahonsti Quinn WC JH TD AM CDXMaryke Warwick
Ch Pinebank's Dealer at Santosha CD WC JHSandy Straw