LOC Honour Roll

The LOC Honour Roll is a listing of all dogs and LOC members who have won awards since our club was founded in 1966. If you are aware of any errors or omissions, please contact the LOC Bulletin Editor.

History: Donated by Ray and Kathy MartynQualifications: Awarded to the Junior Member who is the most enterprising and successful in Labrador activities during the trophy year. Such activities may only be considered while the Junior member is under the age of 18 years. Family membership qualifies junior members for this trophy. Submissions detailing the activities must be made to the Bulletin editor before October 31st of the trophy year.
2018no applicants 
2017No Applicants 
2016No Applicants 
2015No Applicants 
2014No Applicants 
2013No Applicants 
2012No Applicants 
2011No recipients 
2010No Recipients 
2009No Recipients 
2008Not Awarded 
2007Not Awarded 
2006Trevor Lewarton 
2005Trevor Lewarton 
2004Trevor Lewarton 
2003Not Awarded 
2002Not Awarded 
2001Brittney Dawney 
2000Not Awarded 
1999Not Awarded 
1998Not Awarded 
1997Not Awarded 
1996Not Awarded 
1995Not Awarded 
1994Not Awarded 
1993Not Awarded 
1992Not Awarded 
1991Not Awarded 
1990Billy McFadden 
1989Not Awarded 
1988Not Awarded 
1987Heather Short 
1986Billy McFadden 
1985Victoria Scott 
1984Lola Nichol 
1983Alison Solomons 
1982Ann-Marie Lacoursiere 
1981Not Awarded 
1980Not Awarded 
1979Bobby Bernier 
1978Bobby Bernier 
1977David Haines 
1976Hugh Box 
1975Hugh Box 
1974Sandra Hallam 
1973Sandra Hallam & Jeff Barnes 
1972Sandra Hallam 
1971Keith Ball 
1970Reggie Westlake 
1969Randy Lafleur 
1968Greg Varga 
1967Greg Sephton