LOC Honour Roll

The LOC Honour Roll is a listing of all dogs and LOC members who have won awards since our club was founded in 1966. If you are aware of any errors or omissions, please contact the LOC Bulletin Editor.

History: Donated by Derek Moffatt and Gerry BesterQualifications: Awarded to the dog who has a CD or better in Obedience. The winner will be the dog that earns the most points in CKC field events in QUALIFYING class. Based on the field trial championship points system, 5 points are awarded for 1st place, 3 points are awarded for 2nd place, 2 points are awarded for 3rd place, and 1 point is awarded for 4th place. CM's are counted in case of a tie. If in the case of a tie in field trial points and CM's, the trophy will be awarded jointly. Prior to 1998 the accumulated points were for LOC field events in the QUALIFYING class
2018no applicants 
2017No Applicants 
2016No Applicants 
2015No Applicants 
2014No Applicants 
2013No Applicants 
2012No Applicants 
2011No recipients 
2010No Recipient 
2009No Recipient 
2008Not Awarded 
2007HR SR Hardlabor's Here Comes Tucker, JH WCX CDX RNMCLPat Van Bregt & Chris Bayles
2006Not Awarded 
2005Ch. HR Cedarbraes Triple H, CD WCX MHJames Girvan and Tracey Griffin
2004Not Awarded 
2003Darkside Cruiser Pintail CD WCX SH Am WCRob Jones
2002Darkside Cruiser Pintail CD WCX SH Am WCRob Jones
2001Not Awarded 
2000Not Awarded 
1999Not Awarded 
1998Not Awarded 
1997Not Awarded 
1996Not Awarded 
1995Not Awarded 
1994Not Awarded 
1993Not Awarded 
1992Not Awarded 
1991Not Awarded 
1990Not Awarded 
1989Not Awarded 
1988Not Awarded 
1987Not Awarded 
1986Not Awarded 
1985Not Awarded 
1984Not Awarded 
1983Din-A-Mite CD WCMiles Harrison
1983Wyckoff's Flighton-Boo CDGerry Bester
1982Din-A-Mite CD, WCMiles Harrison