LOC Honour Roll

The LOC Honour Roll is a listing of all dogs and LOC members who have won awards since our club was founded in 1966. If you are aware of any errors or omissions, please contact the LOC Bulletin Editor.

History: Donated by Jack and Carol BrethetQualifications: Qualifications: Awarded to the dog earning its Canadian CD Obedience Title with the highest total of first three qualifying scores. Scores must be reported in the bulletin and/or submitted to the Trophy Committee prior to October 31 in each year. Prior to 1980 there was a requirement that these scores be confirmed in Dogs in Canada.
2019CH Elliquin's Pipin' Aboard CD TD RN CGN CD TD RN Maryke Warwick
2017CH Pinebank Cloudbrst of Santosha WCX JH TDX CD RI CGN "Reignie"Susan Bell & Sandy Straw
2016CH SanTosha Yet Again of Pinebank CD JH WCI "Gainey"Sandy Straw & Susie Bell
2015Cacchas Back To The Future For Devonsleigh(USA)Cheryl Horrigan
2014Pinebank's Encore Performer "Tenor"Laura McKay
2013Wimberway's Dakota "Cap"Diane Johnson
2013Tannerforge Happy Enchilada WCI JH CD RN "Chili"Diane & James Hopkins
2012CH Pinebank We Will Rock You WCX SH CDI RN (Rockxy)Susie Bell
2011CH Pinebank Tannerforge Nacho Man CDX WCX SH RESusie Bell
2010Mjolnir's That'll be the Day CDShirley Greener
2009Ch Castlegar JG TDX CD WC RA CGNCandy Rennie
2008CH Pinebank's Limited Edition SH WCX CD RN AM CD AM RNSusan Bell
2007Ch Pinebank Canu Doit of Santosha WCX JH CDSusan Bell
2006Can Bda Ch Pinebank Phantom of the Night WCX, SH, Can AM CDSusan Bell
2005Ginander's Carmel Candy CD WCWilliam and Janet Trim
2004Maktawae Arncha Cruzn Now CD JH WC CGNLola Jones
2003Ch. Gorsebrook's Cole Porter CD WC JHLeslie Grant & Sharon Harris
2002Ch. Pinebank's Dat Girl's a Keeper WCI JH Am CGC CDSusie Bell
2001Ch. Wimberway's R'Blackjack CD WC CGCSandy Briggs
2000Kellygreens Cedartyme Cassi CDPhil & Betty Anderson
1999Summersun Life Goes On CDScott & Vicky Rutledge
1998Ch. Pinebank's All Decked Out WCI JH CD CGCSusie Bell
1997Corhampton's Jolly Jetta CDRoberta Gibson
1996Stonedale's Cedartime Crystal CDPaul Crouch & Dianne Smith-Crouch, Phil & Betty Anderson
1995Cobblehill's Thor CD WCBill Neville
1994Enfield Ltd Edition at Brevan CDLorne Forder
1993Landmark's Causing Ruckus CD WC CGC Am. CDIrene Mullan
1993Bethesda's L'il Darlin CDPaul Townshend
1992Amaranth Dark Syde of the Moon CD Am. CDJohn Harvey
1991Ch. Pinebank's Sassy Girl Can. & Bda. CD WC TCSusie Bell
1990Stonedale's Isle of Jura CDPaul Crouch & Dianne Smith, Phil & Betty Anderson
1989Ch. Bowerlea Meadowgold Tasha CDJacklyn Hayhurst
1988Conner's Magic Chance CDVivien McCue
1987Ch. OTCh. Amaranth's BeaconGeorgina Harvey
1986Ch. OTCh. Pinebank's Schenley 2nd, WCSusie Bell
1985OTCh. Amaranth's Silver MoonGeorgina Harvey
1984Copernicus CDBrian Lavender
1983Ch. Land's Liberty Lass CDJackie Lang
1982CDN/AM Ch. Ebonylane's NorthernTrooper CDBob & Pierette Lanctot
1981Ch. Okkak's Island Suspense CDAlana & John Downton
1980Amaranth's Torbay Burghley CDXLinda & Ivan Solomons
1979Ch. Labradale's Shadowvale Noble CDMike & Huguette Beattie
1978Ch. OTCh. Okkak's Atlantic ClipperJohn Downton
1977Selamat's Otter Be CDChris Cockle
1976Ch. OTCh. Wimberway The Zealous WendyJohn Downton
1975Ch. Wimberway The Summer Scotsman CD WCPete McQueen
1974Selamat's Jeff of Bexhill CDNiels Jensen
1973Westmount Miel Joel CDXMiles Harrison
1972Nixa's Penny CDErna Jensen
1971Prince The Third of Woodhay CDBrian Smith
1970Wimberway's Vanessa CDXNorma Moffat
1969Wimberway's Neptune's Gold CDJohn Iwanchyschyn