LOC Honour Roll

The LOC Honour Roll is a listing of all dogs and LOC members who have won awards since our club was founded in 1966. If you are aware of any errors or omissions, please contact the LOC Bulletin Editor.

History: New for 2012Qualifications: Your Labrador Retriever must receive four different performance titles from four different disciplines in Canada. Please note that this is not a finite list as other disciplines will be added as the CKC recognises them. The dog must be currently working and only one pin per dog will be issued: Working Certificate Tests *or* Hunt Tests *or* Field Trials (Jr. Competion): minimum title Working Certificate (WC) or Junior Hunter (JH) or Junior Field Trial Retriever (FTR); // Obedience: minimum title Companion Dog (CD); // Rally Obedience: minimum title or Rally Novice (RN); // Agility: minimum title Agility Novice (AGN) or Agility Novice Jumper (AGNJ) or Agility Novice Selected (AGNS) or Agility Novice Jumpers Selected (AGNJS) or Agility Novice, Veteran (AGNV) or Agility Novice Jumpers Veteran (AGNJV); // Tracking: minimum title Tracking Dog TD; // Canine Good Neighbour *or* Pet Therapy *or* St John's Pet Therapy *or* Pre-Companion Dog; // Herding: minimum title Herding Tested (HT) or Herding Tested-Tending (HTT) or Herding Started (HS) or Herding Tending Started (HTS) or Stock Dog Started (SDS); // Draft Dog: minimum title Draft Dog (DD); // Schutzhund: mninimum title Companion Dog (Sschutzhund) (BH) or Schutzhund I (SCH I); // Scent Detection: please provide documentation from your certification group; // Barn Hunt: minimum title RATN
2017Treasurehunt's Touch 'N Go, WCI, JH, RE, CDI, CGN "Terra"Margaret Masanotti
2017Ch MOTCH GMH Pinebank Tannerforoge Nacho Man WCX TD RAE CGN Am UD AM SH Am RA "Nacho Man"Susan Bell
2017OTCh. Ginander Llanfair Ode To Joy RE AGXV AGJXV CGN "Joy"Allison Litfin
2017Mardles Kahula Dream "Kali"Cindy Zuk
2017MBVIS BAIS CH Autumwynd Frankie Starlite CDX TD RE CGN SDDA- SD-A "Frankie"Marie P. Babin
2017CH Pinebank Cloudbrst of Santosha WCX JH TDX CD RI CGN "Reignie"Susan Bell & Sandy Straw
2016Ch Pinebank Cloudbrst of SanTosha TDX WCI PCD JH RN "Reignie"Susie Bell
2015No Applicants 
2014No Applicants 
2013CH Mardles Genuine Malt Whisky CGN CD RE TD AGNJV AGNV Am RN "Genna"Marilyn Dutton
2012CH Pinebank's Limited Edition MH WCX CDX RE TD CGN Am CDX Am RE (Banker)Susie Bell