LOC Honour Roll

The LOC Honour Roll is a listing of all dogs and LOC members who have won awards since our club was founded in 1966. If you are aware of any errors or omissions, please contact the LOC Bulletin Editor.

History: Donated by Dale and Jim SpeckQualifications: For the dog who is a non-champion that earns an obedience title (CD, CDX, UD) with the highest total of first three qualifying scores. Scores must be reported in the bulletin and/or submitted to the Trophy Committee prior to October 31 in each year.
2017TCH OTCH Pinebank's Encore Performer WCX SH RE "Tenor"Laura McKay
2016TCH Pinebank's Encore Performer CDX RD SH WCX "Tenor"Laura McKay
2015Cacchas Back To The Future For Devonsleigh(USA)Cheryl Horrigan
2014HR UH Tullamore's Gunsablazing CGN CDX SH WCX "Burly"Alana Cholewa
2013Wimberway's Dakota "Cap"Diane Johnson
2013Tannerforge Happy Enchilada WCI JH CD RN "Chili"Diane & James Hopkins
2012No Applicants 
2011No recipients 
2010mjolnir's That'll be the Day CDShirley Greener
2009No Recipient 
2008Ginander's Carmel Candy CDX WCWilliam and Janet Trim
2007Empress's Touch of AlmondBrian & Joanne Murray
2006FTCH GMH Dudley Do Right XXXII CDX, WCX, AM/BDA CD, AM/MHShirley Greener
2005Ginander's Carmel Candy CD WCWilliam and Janet Trim
2004Maktawae Arncha Cruzn Now CD JH WC CGNLola Jones
2003Mardles Millennium Jewel CDCindy Zuk
2002Cedartyme's Tessie CD WC JHPhil & Betty Anderson
2001Evenstar's Sunshine Jenny CD AgN TT CGCJane Book
2000Kellygreens Cedartyme Cassi CDPhil & Betty Anderson
1999Summersun Life Goes On CDScott & Vicky Rutledge
1998Devonsleigh Daly of Shade CD WCXJenny Clark-Horrigan
1997Corhampton's Jolly Jetta CDRoberta Gibson
1996Stonedale's Cedartime Crystal CDPaul Crouch & Dianne Smith-Crouch, Phil & Betty Anderson
1995Cobblehill's Thor CD WCBill Neville
1994OTCh. Amaranth's Dark Syde of the MoonJohn Harvey
1993OTCh. Amaranth's Dark Syde of the MoonJohn Harvey
1992OTCh. Amaranth's Dark Syde of the MoonJohn Harvey