LOC Honour Roll

The LOC Honour Roll is a listing of all dogs and LOC members who have won awards since our club was founded in 1966. If you are aware of any errors or omissions, please contact the LOC Bulletin Editor.

History: Donated by Barry BevanQualifications: Awarded to the dog accumulating the most points in all field trials (Licensed and Training) in the PUPPY class. Based on the field trial championship points system, 5 points are awarded for 1st place, 3 points are awarded for 2nd place, 2 points are awarded for 3rd place, and 1 point is awarded for 4th place. CM's are counted in case of a tie.
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2009No Recipient 
2008B-Line's Lake Effect RaiderChris Bayles & Pat Van Bregt
2007Treasurehunt B-Line's BenChris Bayles & Pat Van Bregt
2006B-Line's Fried Green Tornado WCChris Bayles & Pat Van Bregt
2005Maktawae Puddlduck Jumpshooter WC JHRob Jones
2004Not Awarded 
2003Maktawae Arncha Cruzn Now JH WC CGCLola Jones
2002Not Awarded 
2001Not Awarded 
2000Not Awarded 
1999Not Awarded 
1998Jerryru's Coldwater SkeeterCharolette Wurz & Ottavio Costanzo
1997Jerryru's Red FireflyRuth Beach
1996Not Awarded 
1995Jerryru's ReflectioRuth Beach
1994Not Awarded 
1993Rosecrest Cassy MikisewChris Bland
1992Jerryru's Ming WarriorBrian & Terry Burns
1991Jerryru's Romping RubyRuth Beach
1990Not Awarded 
1989Wimberway's Wind 'N Sun Dynamo WCX JH CDS. Briggs & B. Proctor
1988Jerryru's Captain KirkKeith Fox
1987Three Nations Midnight BearCynthia Boyd
1986Jerryru's High Riser WCXRuth Beach
1985Jerryru's Mallard Lake Peggy WCXRuth Beach
1984Renegade Ninja of CavendishClaude Ferland
1983Not Awarded 
1982Black Magic Texas TustlerClaude Ferland
1981Takkawan's Wimberway PuckLes Penzvalto
1980Wimberway's Shibros Sunshine WCLes Penzvalto
1979Wimberway Hibros Holly WCXLes Penzvalto
1978FTCh. Charcoal of RicconDan Pavlov
1977Misty of Cold CreekBill Oulton
1976Fella Me Lad of Collar GreenColin Clarke
1975FTCh. Kanaka RoyaleBryon Fritz
1974Drambuie's Black BeautyTony Cripps
1973Westmount Miel Joel CDXMiles Harrison
1972San Ton BenedictineTom Bagot